Sphinx installation

A friend wanted to use CMU Sphinx with some students but had some issues to make it work. We used the French database1 as our English accents weren’t good enough for the recognition. In order to use it, you you would need to respect several steps.

How to use Jack on Slackware

Several things need to be done before be able to use correctly Jack Audio. The main thing is to enable real time privileges to it. And before you ask, it has nothing to do with having a real time kernel installed on your machine.

LaTeX compilation

If like me, you are tired of getting many temporary files when you compile your Latex project, you can use the following method. I’m sure it can be improved by a lot, but it’s still a very good start.

Timestamp in the bash history

As we are not a machine we are most likely error prone. Today I give you a small tip that will allow you to look forward in your shell history, knowing when each of your commands was executed. This can be very useful from time to time and avoid mistakes. Here the final result.