I sent spams

I discovered yesterday that my email server has been used to send spam by receiving email acknowledgements that some email (that I didn’t send of course) has been refused because they were most likely to be unsolicited mail. What a shock when I received these. My first thoughts were: “is it real?” and “I’m going to be black listed…”.

Remove colors codes from a command output

Many command line tools on Linux produce colored outputs. This is great when it comes to read it but if you want to pipe it to another tool, the nightmare can easily starts. This tip will show you how to get rid of the colours that can produce some hidden characters that will mess up with your program.

First steps with Portaudio

For quite some time, I’m thinking about creating an open source hearing aid project. Reinventing the wheel is very useful for learning but in such big project, I need to rely on some libraries. Maybe my choice at this stage is the wrong one for the aim of the system, but I have to begin somewhere. This means, to handle the sound card driver (I/O management), I choose the C library Portaudio.

Mirror a repository on Github

I like having control on data that I produce, this means that most of the time, I will prefer to host them on my own server. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that using well known platforms helps giving some attraction to what you did. This is exactly the case of Github by mirroring some of my projects on their server.

First steps with continuous integration

What a word: Continuous Integration or in other words “Don’t break the build, damn it!”. For my project on hearing aids, I decided to give a try to the continuous integration service that we can find on internet. I didn’t make a thorough search of these services.

The importance of a coding style

As I (re)discover the world of coding, like a lot of people, I feel the need of keeping a coding style guide coherent throughout my scripts or programs. As up to now, I write C or python code (sometimes a bit of bash).