Creating a documentation for a project is a well known good practice but many developers tends overlook it or at least tend to be a bit lazy (the source code says everything you need to know). Nevertheless, whatever the target a documentation is always a good thing to do and I wouldn’t recommend enough to write along the way rather than at the end of the project.

Sigmoid derivative

The sigmoid function has found extensive use as a non-linear activation function for neurons in artificial neural networks. I’m currently following a course on machine learning and I found interesting to redo the maths for it’s derivative.

C dependencies on ReadTheDocs

Nothing really fancy here but I came across a difficulty when I tried to use the ReadTheDocs service. I got errors during the compilation process on their server because my project requires the Portaudio library in order to work. Of course, ReadTheDocs don’t let people install anything silly on their servers (and they are right) and there is a work around for those who are interested in using their amazing service.

Git, use of remotes

I wrote not so long ago an article about how to create mirrors to Github. At that time, I thought I would use Github only to have a better exposition of what I was doing. Unfortunately let’s face it, living without Github if you are writing 3 lines of code on your side is quite useless. Just imagine, someone wants to send you a pull request and you can’t accept it because he should do that by registrating on your repository system or sending you patches through emails (that is still the best way though unless you’re using a crappy email client).