Fip a Good Radio to Listen To

I don’t listen much to radio in general but there is one that I love above all called Fip. It’s a French radio that broadcast music 247 and gives the opportunity to listen to other things than mainstream music and has crush for Jazz. Several years ago, I wrote a small program in Bash that was parsin the HTML code to extract the current music information and store it in a text file. Today, Fip broadcast this data over a JSON file…

Project news #1

It’s time to give a quick overview about what I did lately and what I plan to do. Though everything move forward slowly there is some work achieved. I thought about many projects to do as well but it will come at a later time.

Python Release Preparation

I’m working on few projects mainly written in python and even if I work alone I try to adopt good practices all along and I’m trying to improve my flow related to the release part. In open source, it’s often said “release often, release early”, nothing can be perfect from the start, especially when you are are a junior working alone, many things can be improved but having feedback is important to make these improvements.

Sphinx and autodoc

It’s always a good idea to add some comments to a code, especially when you have several functions or classes with a small API. It’s even better if you are using docstrings (when it comes to Python of course). Unfortunately, the integration in Sphinx documentation system isn’t automatic and requires a bit of work. Nothing fancy but it’s always good to keep a trace of it.

Acoustic Scene Classficiation using CNN

Acoustic Scene Classification (ASC) aims to distinguish between different acoustic environments and is a technology that can be used by smart devices for contextualisation and personalization. In this document we suggest to implement an algorithm proposed by Battaglino, Lepauloux and Evans (2016) using Convolutional Neuron Network (CNN) to tackle this issue.

Git commit message template

It can be useful for a team to have a common template or style to follow when it comes to pushing commits to a repository. Fortunately this can be easily done with Git (and I guess other main Version Control Systems have similar configuration).